User’s Guide – 2.6 Auxiliary products

Four types of auxiliary images are produced for the stacked catalogue and provided in the XSA interface:

  1. a broad-band X-ray image in the 0.2–12.0 keV range,
  2. a three-colour X-ray image in the energy bands 0.2–1.0, 1.0–2.0, 2.0–12.0 keV, corresponding to the 4XMM standard energy bands 1 plus 2, 3, and 4 plus 5,
  3. an optical finding chart,
  4. and, if the source has non-zero flux during at least two observations, a long-term light curve, showing the stacked EPIC flux value and the EPIC flux during the contributing observations. Different plot symbols are used to indicate tentative short- and long-term variability. The stacked flux is plotted with a filled circle, if the variability VAR_PROB of the source fluxes to be consistent with constant flux is 1% or lower.

Example auxiliary images and light curve

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