AIP homepage of the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre (SSC)

Source detection in NGC 2264: false-colour image and combined exposure maps, on which single-observation and stacked detections are marked

Welcome to the XMMSSC@AIP website

The XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre (SSC) is an international collaboration including institutes in Germany, France, UK, and Spain under the leadership of IRAP (Toulouse). It collaborates closely with the European Space Agency (ESA). Together with the ESA team of the XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre (SOC) at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC), the SSC develops the science analysis software SAS for XMM-Newton and compiles the XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogues.

Within the consortium, the SSC members at the Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (XMMSSC@AIP)

  • develop and maintain the source-detection software within the XMM-Newton Science Analysis Software (SAS)
  • contribute to the XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogues from individual observations,
  • code, compile, and publish the Serendipitous Source Catalogue from overlapping observations.

These websites collect information on the Serendipitous Source Catalogues, offer access to the auxiliary products of the catalogues from overlapping observations, and list the AIP contributions to the optical identification programme. Further information on the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre and the catalogues from individual observations are provided via the SSC websites by IRAP.


August 18, 2021 – Release of new XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogues: 4XMM/DR11s from overlapping observations and 4XMM-DR11 from individual observations are available on our websites, ESA's XSA and ESAsky, and NASA's HEASARC.

December 10, 2020 – Celebrating the 21st launch anniversary of XMM-Newton with new editions of the XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogues: 4XMM-DR10s from overlapping observations and 4XMM-DR10 from individual observations.

July 2020 – New catalogue papers in print: Webb, Coriat, Traulsen et al. 2020 on 4XMM-DR9 and Traulsen, Schwope, Lamer et al. 2020 on 4XMM-DR9s.

December 18, 2019 – Fourth generation of the XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogues: 4XMM-DR9 from individual observations and 4XMM-DR9s from overlapping observations released.

These sites are under construction. Stay tuned for updates.


Axel Schwope  Head X-ray Astronomy
Iris Traulsen Project scientist
Georg Lamer Staff member